Whitesburg Christian Academy
Saturday, August 24, 2019

Uniform Info

Dress Code

Biblical principles form the basis of our dress guidelines and apply to all school events (class activities, sports activities, field trips, concerts, etc.) unless activity specific clothing is otherwise required.  It is a high privilege and responsibility of Christians to glorify and honor God through their appearance.  With this in mind, the dress standards are based on the Scriptural principles of modesty and appropriateness.

When students are out of uniform, they are to dress modestly, attractively, and in good taste at all times (1 Tim. 2:9).  It is our belief that extreme fashions in dress should be avoided so that people see Christ in our attitudes and actions and are not distracted by our appearance.

The Academy has adopted school uniforms as the standard dress for all students.  While in attendance, students are required to be dressed in the approved school uniform.  Exceptions to the uniform policy will be indicated by the principal or classroom teacher as appropriate for special events such as Spirit Days, Read-In Day, etc.

DENNIS-Larose School Uniforms has been selected as the Academy uniform vendor.  Items available are referenced in handouts available in both school offices.  For specific dress code requirements, please reference the Parent/Student Handbook.  

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