Whitesburg Christian Academy
Saturday, August 24, 2019

Upper School Art

Middle School Art focuses on two areas. The first semester is spent learning new skills and techniques.  The second semester focuses more on creative expression.  Students will be able to render an observed space accurately, efficiently use various drawing materials, use accurate perspective and shading, depict correct proportions on faces and figures, create interesting compositions, and render details, texture and reflections.  Students will use learned skills to create their own self-expressive drawings and paintings.
Upper School Art classes are designed to develop skills and gifts.  It begins by fine tuning drawing skills and reviewing basics that will carry over into Graphic Design.  As students work through the program, they will have the opportunity to work on several large scale projects, which include furniture painting, fashion design, large canvas paintings, and several graphic design projects.
Photography is designed to teach students the basic introductory concepts of the photography medium including lighting, composition strategy, and camera functionality, so that they may create well-composed and memorable images which are reflective of the beauty of God’s creation and the blessings that are present in everyday life.
Each year, we hold an art show where students can showcase several of their projects to the rest of the student and faculty body.  A select number of pieces will then be chosen to represent our school at the ACSI Art Show.  In addition to this competition, we submit several pieces each year to the Panoply Billboard Competition.